Megtax – the taximeter of today!

Megtax comes with a large variety of communication protocols adapted for different dispatch systems. In an ever changing world - you are always safe with Megtax. Megtax is the most flexible taximeter available on the market today. It is provided with an open interface enabling it to communicate with many different dispatch systems and billing software. Megtax is based on the latest technology and there is more than enough processing power built into our hardware.

We are developing our products in close cooperation with leading automotive designers to ensure that we stay in fashion for many years to come. Our design partner is Caran Design AB based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Megtax is manufactured at Propoint AB who, of course, are ISO 9001 certified.

Our megtax MTME300 colour display is the most modern taximeter on the market and it features an excellent sharp and easy to read screen. its layout and casing was designed by the experts at Caran Design AB. Other features are a built-in magnetic card reader, microphone and speaker.

The operating system in the MTME300 is µC/OS-II which is used in applications such as avionics and other embedded systems. there are no known viruses. MTME300 features optional support for maps, bar code reader and an extended memory module.